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Want To Last Longer In Bed? Three Simple Ways And You Are Done

Apparently, there is nothing more disgusting and traumatizing than to find that as a man, you cannot last in bed. With the introduction of Viagra- the magic pill, does it mean that science has certainly found a way out? Not really.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Men would do anything in their position, if that would help them last longer in bed. Be it going for expensive medication or even seeking advice from professionals. Anything! However, rather than reaching for expensive medication and professional advice, here are some tips on how to last longer in bed.

1. Stop and start technique

This is one great technique that every man needs to master it. It is all about the ability to control yourself. When you feel that arousal is almost getting to a point of no return, simply pause for a short moment, normally five to ten seconds then proceed. As simple as that, and do not be surprised if you last five times longer! Feel free to release after repeating this technique a number of times.

2. Squeeze technique

Another technique that has been proved to make men last long in bed is the squeeze technique. So, how does it work exactly? Well, once you realize that you are almost releasing, stop stimulation and squeeze your penis below the head. The best side to focus on is the urethra because this reduces your ejaculatory response. When you are sure that your arousal has reduced, repeat for a few times before finally releasing.

3. Rely on rubbers

Wearing condoms is another way to reduce sensitivity and thus delayed ejaculation. They contain a lubricant benzocaine that acts as desensitizer, and thus increases the ejaculation time. However, caution should be taken not to wear the condom inside out lest benzocaine get to her vagina.

In conclusion, lasting longer in sex is not as hard as most people perceive, and the best part? It can be achieved without the need for expensive medication. Follow these tips and be sure to surprise your partner.