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How to Last Longer In Bed the Safe Way

A lot of men today who have premature ejaculation problems are looking for effective tips on how to last longer in bed. The problem is that when these men search for solutions, they are usually presented with creams and pills. With this, there are some who grows frustrated on finding a natural way to permanently eliminate their ejaculation problem. Below are some of the effective methods you could follow.

The first method you could apply is masturbation training. Some might say that it is an old trick but above all, it certainly works. You need to do it right to reap its good effects. It is best that you used a synthetic vagina for this. This might sound too much but it would make your training more realistic. With it, you could last longer in real life. There is now a lot of this kind of product in the market. If ever you are too shy to purchase in local stores, purchase it online.

Second, you need to accept that you have this problem and let your girlfriend know about this. Do not hide it from her for it will never help. It will just cause issues in your relationship. Explain to your partner your condition and why you have to do such training to become a better sex partner. Surely, you lady would find your effort manly and will even appreciate what you do.

This masturbation training is really quite simple. You just have to arouse yourself to the point that you are about to climax then stop. Wait before the sensation calms down before you continue. You need to repeat this for about 5-10 times. This will serve as a daily exercise for you. See to it that you do not climax in your training for you to reap the results. It is also necessary to practice lasting longer in every round of stimulating yourself.

Results of this training would certainly vary from person to person since we are all different. Also, men suffer different levels of premature ejaculation issue. However, it would be possible for you to see some results after a couple of weeks. Surely, it will have good effect on you after you have regularly performed the training for a month. See to it that you are dedicated in the training.

When you are in this training, it is still possible to have sex. It is even ideal to do the same during sex. By the time you think that you are about to cum, stop and let the sensation subside prior to starting again. See to it that your partner knows about your training for sudden stops might bother her.