Different Ways To Make A Lady Orgasm Faster

December 9th, 2018

hot girl wants to cumIf you need to please a young lady and wish to lead her to the great heights of orgasm over and over then, you will need the support of these surefire ways to make her shout your name over and over.

– Before you begin any physical activity, it is essential that you get your young lady quiet and ignite her passion. Flirt verbally and utilize your eyes to pass on underhanded feelings to get her in the state of mind and make her quiver with expectation.

– Use your lips. Your lips can be put to pleasurable use initially by kissing the cheeks of your young lady before proceeding to a long and extraordinary French kiss. This will surely transform your young lady into putty. Take your lips on a pleasure visit by proceeding to kiss your young lady’s neck, thighs, and navel. Kiss her touchy nipples to energize her considerably more before proceeding towards her ultra-delicate vaginal lips.

Start by kissing her on the ears, lips, internal thighs and whatever different spots that she finds arousing. Use your lips to carefully caress her body and your tongue to make her moan with pleasure.

– Use extended foreplay techniques to make your young woman get her first orgasm. Use your fingers and tongue to tease and massage her clitoris. Do whatever it takes not to stress on the off chance that you are new to it. Her moans and grunts will control you to flawlessness.

– Try not to be in a rush to penetrate her since men more often don’t keep going long while young ladies take more time to achieve an orgasm. Rather, proceed with the foreplay to make her achieve orgasm until she begs you to penetrate her.

– Use your penis. This would be the minute that you have now been waiting tight for. Embed your penis deep into your young lady’s vagina and begin pushing solidly. Watch your young lady’s reaction so as not to hurt her or make her uneasy. When you have built up an all-around lubricated rhythm at that point accelerate your pushes until the point that your young lady accomplishes another vacuum-making orgasm.

Indeed, even while penetrating her, make a point to begin gradually with profound pushes. Make a point to caress her whole body rather than just focusing on the pushes. Hang on until the point that you feel that your young lady is getting to her climax.

– Once your young lady shows that she is going to climax at that point, time your orgasm so that you both achieve orgasm together. This ought to be joined by quicker and more profound pushing. A consolidated orgasm will leave both you and your young lady completely depleted and completely fulfilled.

Utilize these surefire ways to influence your young lady to accomplish wave after the flood of fulfilling orgasms that will please her mentally and physically.

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Using Proven Science to Boost Your Sperm Count!

March 18th, 2018

Increase and shoot your loadIt’s a problem no man ever wants to admit he’s having, yet effects around 1 in 20 men worldwide. A low sperm count. It can be embarrassing to admit, and even worse to actually ask for help. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to either prevent your sperm count decreasing if you’re worried about it or in many cases, get your numbers back to a healthy level. In this short article,
we’re going to talk about, what are considered 3 of the most effective, and more important evidence backed methods for improving your sperm count.

Drop the tighty whities!

You heard me, no more wearing tight underwear and restricting the movement of your testicles. If there’s one thing that’s bad for sperm production it’s being warm, and one of the bodies most effective methods for decreasing testicle temperature is by dropping away from the body. Wearing tight underwear stops this from happening.

A study done by Dr Peter Agger at the University Hospital of Copenhagen found that an increase of less than 1 degree for 8 hours a day over a period of 12 days caused spermiogenesis (the process of sperm production) decreased even 39 days after the initial experiment.

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So, quit wearing restrictive clothing and let them bad boys lose!

Quit the cigs and cut the booze

I know, I know, I can see you rolling your eyes from here, but hear me out, I know this seems to be the answer to almost all problems, but there is well-documented evidence about the effects of smoking and drinking in excess.

In 2010 a study was done by the Department of Pathology at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences titled Alcohol intake
and cigarette smoking: Impact of two major lifestyle factors on male fertility
. They found that Teratozoospermia (a deformation of the sperm) was extremely common in alcoholics. If your little swimmers aren’t shaped right, they aren’t going anywhere!

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Light smokers were also shown to have decreased fertility. In their case, their sperm was dominated by Asthenozoospermia, a
term meaning reduced sperm mortality. Essentially, the sperm was dying too soon.

So it was found that Alcohol altered the shape of the sperm, and smoking, even lightly caused sperm to die far quicker than usual, meaning less were making it near enough to the egg to fertilize it.

Go for a run every once in a while!

A report published in the journal “Reproduction”, and confirmed by Paco Penne, found that a moderate amount of exercise, around 30 minutes on a treadmill 3 times a week caused an increase in not only the quality of the sperm of the men being studied but also in the actual quantity, in men who were healthy but didn’t previously exercise very much.

But, be warned! The study also found that for the men who did intense exercise, classed as an hour on the treadmill instead of 30 minutes, also had an increase in sperm quality and quantity, but not to the same extent.

So, what can we conclude? Well, I hope is pretty clear. A healthier you mean a healthier sperm count. Keeping fit, cutting out the cigarettes and reducing the booze are all little things we know we’re supposed to do, and this is just another reason why you should be doing it!

Think Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend?

March 5th, 2017

Hot girl waiting to be lickedAsk most men how to provide sexual pleasure to a woman and 9 times out of 10 they will put their hands in their pockets. Some will thrust their hips out. It all comes down to some physical gesture that suggests the key is all in the penis. Unfortunately for the woman in their lives, they are wrong. What these men need to learn is how to really make her orgasm through oral sex.

Think about it. If it was all in the penis lesbians would never enjoy orgasms. And yet, somehow, they do. Really massive ones, if online reports are to be believed.

So, How Do They Know How to Lick a Girl’s Pussy?

Know Your Territory

Of course you know that men and women have different sexual organs, but do you know the top three places your woman likes to be caressed? Let’s say it’s the back of her knees, for example. Do you know how she likes to be touched there? Do you know that sometimes she likes to be touched one way, and sometimes another? Can you tell how you should be touching her in her top three places to move her further up the stimulation ladder?

If not, don’t feel bad. The quickest way to learn is to ask someone to teach you. So, just ask her. And then, and this is very important, listen to the answer. If you are like most men, you will get aroused when you ask this question. Now, the discussion may lead to sex but, and this is even more important, that is not the point of asking the question.

Move Slowly. Very, very slowly

Face it, men are ready to go at the drop of a hat. Women are the freight trains of sexual arousal. They start and build momentum slowly, but once they get moving it is wonderful to behold. This is why they have multiple orgasms.
So after you know where and how to caress her, do it slowly. Trust me, her lovely response is not the green light you think it is. It is only your signal to start moving to the next step in the dance.

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The Clitoris

No, not yet. The nerve endings of the female genitalia are all over the place. Any place in her crotch that you kiss gently will give her pleasure. And there may be a few spots she likes to be caressed down there that she does not know about yet. Try to find them.
When you can taste her vaginal juices on her outer labia you are ready to move, slowly, toward the main event. Gently push the hood back from her clitoris. Use your fingers and do it carefully. You did make sure your nails were trimmed before you started this, right? If not, stop right then, excuse yourself, and go trim them. This is the last place you want to scratch by accident.
Take her clitoris into your mouth only after you have circled it a few times with your tongue. Start sucking gently, increasing pressure as her sexual pleasure builds. The higher her state of arousal the more pressure you should apply, but let her lead the way. It may take some time. This is how to really make her orgasm through oral sex.

Tricks on How to Boost your Ejaculation Power

March 3rd, 2017

Hot Girl Wanting Your CumRegardless of the reason, having a heavy load after sex is one of the best feelings men have. However, the ejaculation volume is inconsistent to some extent. Factors such as aging, diet and sexual behavior influence the amount and power of semen. What most men might not know is that they can increase these aspects, and enable them have a more satisfying orgasm. The following three ways are effective in building the sperm count as well as boosting the power of orgasm, or learn more about other effective techniques here.

Penile Exercises

Just like the other body organs, the penis needs enough workouts to accumulate semen. The PC muscle is among the important semen re-leaser and requires building up through kegel exercises. Edging is another muscle exercise that allows the body to accumulate semen, through arousal and control procedures. Each time you withhold the orgasm, you trigger hormones into producing more semen and sperms.

Since the main aim is accumulating as much load as possible, engaging in a sexual arousal occasion without ejaculation works wonders. For instance, if you masturbate until you almost cum, then stop, the semen accumulates as the body continues to produce more semen. Repeating this procedure for a number of days before engaging in the intercourse is a sure guarantee of a heavy ejaculation.

Diet for Sperm Count

It is indisputable the impact that diet has on sperm counts. To begin with, your body needs to have adequate energy to dispense during the intercourse. Secondly, the diet you have prior to the session determines the quality and quantity of sperms. Sperms are proteins in nature and the seminal fluid that they swim in nourishes them. The first class of important nutrients is the energy giving foods. According to scientists, men are more likely to have a heavier load in the morning, due to energy accumulation at night.

Proteins too have a direct impact on the quantity of ejaculation. Groundnuts, bone soup and animal proteins increase the sperm count per ejaculation. In addition, the diet should contain adequate water since semen is a fluid. This makes fruits, vegetables and water part of the recommended diet. Other micro-nutrients such as Zinc also play an important role in semen production. They form the basis for supplements used in increasing ejaculation load.

Timing and Preparation

Where factors such as aging and genetics come into play, timing and techniques will help you accumulate the semen volumes. Generally, the time between successful ejaculations affects the semen load since the glands need time to synthesize. The average waiting time for normal men is two to three days, within which proper dieting and a healthy approach are observed.

Another factor to consider is mental preparation towards the intercourse. Since semen production and release depends on sexual hormones, a relaxed brain has a better trigger when compared to when you have no interest in the act. In addition, some drugs have antagonistic impacts on semen production. In case you plan to use supplements, follow the prescriptions in terms of timing, so that the results come at the expected time.

Wrap Up

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a sure approach towards sexual health and considerate ejaculation volumes. The above tips only serve to increase the semen volume, if need be.

Volume Pills Reviewed in Detail: Knowing More about the Product

September 4th, 2014

It is normal to find good and bad products when you search for semen pills. If you find the right product, it will surely help you eliminate your problem on semen volume. On the other hand, when you land on the wrong product, it might make your condition worse. This simply means that you need to do a thorough research prior to using a product offered online. If you have heard about Volume Pills, do not immediately give it a try base on what you heard from friends. Know it better by reading some Volume Pills reviewed in detail. These are easily found online.

With the name itself, the purpose of the Volume Pills is to increase the volume of your ejaculate. It is a tool that works perfectly on most men. After a couple of weeks using this product expect to blow lots of cum on your partner. The manufacturer of the product is quite confident in their creation and promises to satisfy all their clients. Since it got approval from doctors, expect that the product is safe. Though results could vary from patients, most likely, everyone using it will experience some positive changes. We are all unique and our body responds differently on the medicines or products we take. So if ever you did not experience any immediate changes in using the product, give it more time to work.

Doctors considered Volume Pills as a safe product due to its natural ingredients. It is composed of various herbs that works together in order to boost the reproductive system of men. It also has a significant effect on the overall health of men. Some of the ingredients in the product are solidin, Hong hua fen, Ku gua, san guo mu, zinc oxide and more. All of these helps in making sure that you could cum more and please your partner with it.

In order for this product to work, you need to follow the instruction in using it which comes in the label. Since you have more semen in your ejaculation, expect to have a longer and more pleasurable orgasm. Men who use the product were also noted to have harder and longer erections. With all the good stuffs that this product could offer, it would be best for men to give it a try. If you worry about your ejaculate, do not miss reading Volume Pills reviewed in detail. With this, you will be convinced that you need to try this product.

How to Last Longer In Bed the Safe Way

March 17th, 2014

A lot of men today who have premature ejaculation problems are looking for effective tips on how to last longer in bed. The problem is that when these men search for solutions, they are usually presented with creams and pills. With this, there are some who grows frustrated on finding a natural way to permanently eliminate their ejaculation problem. Below are some of the effective methods you could follow.

The first method you could apply is masturbation training. Some might say that it is an old trick but above all, it certainly works. You need to do it right to reap its good effects. It is best that you used a synthetic vagina for this. This might sound too much but it would make your training more realistic. With it, you could last longer in real life. There is now a lot of this kind of product in the market. If ever you are too shy to purchase in local stores, purchase it online.

Second, you need to accept that you have this problem and let your girlfriend know about this. Do not hide it from her for it will never help. It will just cause issues in your relationship. Explain to your partner your condition and why you have to do such training to become a better sex partner. Surely, you lady would find your effort manly and will even appreciate what you do.

This masturbation training is really quite simple. You just have to arouse yourself to the point that you are about to climax then stop. Wait before the sensation calms down before you continue. You need to repeat this for about 5-10 times. This will serve as a daily exercise for you. See to it that you do not climax in your training for you to reap the results. It is also necessary to practice lasting longer in every round of stimulating yourself.

Results of this training would certainly vary from person to person since we are all different. Also, men suffer different levels of premature ejaculation issue. However, it would be possible for you to see some results after a couple of weeks. Surely, it will have good effect on you after you have regularly performed the training for a month. See to it that you are dedicated in the training.

When you are in this training, it is still possible to have sex. It is even ideal to do the same during sex. By the time you think that you are about to cum, stop and let the sensation subside prior to starting again. See to it that your partner knows about your training for sudden stops might bother her.

Want To Last Longer In Bed? Three Simple Ways And You Are Done

March 10th, 2014

Apparently, there is nothing more disgusting and traumatizing than to find that as a man, you cannot last in bed. With the introduction of Viagra- the magic pill, does it mean that science has certainly found a way out? Not really.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Men would do anything in their position, if that would help them last longer in bed. Be it going for expensive medication or even seeking advice from professionals. Anything! However, rather than reaching for expensive medication and professional advice, here are some tips on how to last longer in bed.

1. Stop and start technique

This is one great technique that every man needs to master it. It is all about the ability to control yourself. When you feel that arousal is almost getting to a point of no return, simply pause for a short moment, normally five to ten seconds then proceed. As simple as that, and do not be surprised if you last five times longer! Feel free to release after repeating this technique a number of times.

2. Squeeze technique

Another technique that has been proved to make men last long in bed is the squeeze technique. So, how does it work exactly? Well, once you realize that you are almost releasing, stop stimulation and squeeze your penis below the head. The best side to focus on is the urethra because this reduces your ejaculatory response. When you are sure that your arousal has reduced, repeat for a few times before finally releasing.

3. Rely on rubbers

Wearing condoms is another way to reduce sensitivity and thus delayed ejaculation. They contain a lubricant benzocaine that acts as desensitizer, and thus increases the ejaculation time. However, caution should be taken not to wear the condom inside out lest benzocaine get to her vagina.

In conclusion, lasting longer in sex is not as hard as most people perceive, and the best part? It can be achieved without the need for expensive medication. Follow these tips and be sure to surprise your partner.